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  • Post time: Jul-09-2019

    Fiber laser cutting machine is a newly emerging laser cutting method in the last decade, during which the metal cutting technology has been updated by virtue of its profession in metal sheets and pipes cutting field. Many metal equipment manufacturing companies have introduced this kind of cuttin...Nyeem ntxiv »

  • Post time: Jul-02-2019

    Right maintenance methods for fiber laser cutting machine are key factors to keep its good performance and prolong its service life. Although maintenance manuals will be shipped together with the machine to customers, we here still offer some instructions and precautions on fiber laser cutter mai...Nyeem ntxiv »

  • Post time: Jun-25-2019

    “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions,” Pablo Picasso said. This denotes that colors, pervading in every corner of the world, play a vital role in our lives, affecting our moods, choices, attitudes and behaviors. Modern industries are increasingly adept in conveying product i...Nyeem ntxiv »

  • Post time: Jun-18-2019

    In May, 2019, RUNNING GROUP announced the most updated advantages of fiber laser cutting machine for metals after 2 years of concentrated effort. From raw materials, user-friendly design, manufacturing technology to after-sales service, 5 main features were highlighted here to help you better und...Nyeem ntxiv »

  • Post time: May-28-2019

    Having roamed in laser machine forums for years, we found that many users posted “Need Help!” posts to ask for help from other users in the forum. Their common problems involve machine working parameters setting, maintenance and parts replacement. Obviously, their suppliers hadn’t provide respons...Nyeem ntxiv »

  • Yuav tsum kuv Yuav ib tug iPhone Case Laser Engraving Tshuab rau Khwv tau ntxiv nyiaj?
    Post time: May-21-2019

    Nyob rau hauv no xyoo caum, Kua launched cov khoom tshiab txhua txhua xyoo. Qhov no yog qhov inevitability ntawm technology innovation thiab mobile xov tooj kiv puag ncig. Lub sij hawm nyiam hloov thiab cov neeg kuj flock mus ua sib txawv los ntawm lwm tus neeg. Tus tshiab iPhone tseeb muaj xws-thiab-xws hloov khoom dua tshiab nyob rau hauv lub software thiab kho vajtse, tab sis lub ...Nyeem ntxiv »

  • Post time: May-15-2019

    Koj puas xav mus pib ib lub fiber laser ua lag ua luam rau co ua tab sis tseem tos qhov twg mus yuav ib tug fiber laser tej tshuab, los yog uas neeg muag khoom koj yuav tsum tau yuav los ntawm? Qhov no yog ib qho tshaj plaws feem ntau yeej muaj ces yuav tsum, tom qab tag nrho cov kev them nqi kaum tawm phav phav nyiaj rau ib tug fiber laser txiav ...Nyeem ntxiv »

  • Post time: May-07-2019

    Zoo meej tej kev tshwm sim muaj nyob ze kev sib raug zoo nrog txoj cai txij nkawm rau lub laser tej tshuab, nyob rau hauv tas li ntawd mus rau qhov zoo ntawm cov laser tshuab nws tus kheej. Thaum ua hauj lwm rau daim ntawv hlau, lub laser kom pom tseeb lens yuav tsum smeared los ntawm hlau residues, uas muaj feem xyuam rau tej precision. Yog li ntawd tsis tu ncua cl ...Nyeem ntxiv »

  • Post time: Apr-29-2019

    The fiber laser welding machine is also called the fiber transmission laser welding machine. The fiber transmission laser welding machine is a kind of laser that couples the high-energy laser beam into the optical fiber and transmits it after long-distance transmission through the quasi-diameter ...Nyeem ntxiv »

  • Post time: Apr-23-2019

    As a new type of light source, laser has the characteristics of good directionality, high brightness, good monochromaticity and high energy density. The laser-based laser industry is developing rapidly around the world and is now widely used in industrial production, communications, information p...Nyeem ntxiv »

  • Post time: Apr-16-2019

    Fiber laser marking machine is to make use of laser beam marking on a variety of different material surface with a permanent mark. The effect of marking is to expose the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material. Or to “mark” the trace by the physical changes of the surface ma...Nyeem ntxiv »

  • Post time: Apr-09-2019

    Upholding high levels of maintenance should be a priority, especially when you’re working with lasers. With business moving at an incredible rate and turnaround times shrinking, it’s imperative that you incorporate proper machine maintenance. With that being said, here are three simple steps to e...Nyeem ntxiv »

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