16 Routine Maintenance Instructions and Precautions on Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Right maintenance methods for fiber laser cutting machine are key factors to keep its good performance and prolong its service life. Although maintenance manuals will be shipped together with the machine to customers, we here still offer some instructions and precautions on fiber laser cutter maintenance for both experienced users and beginners.

fiber laser cutting machine

1.If cutting with air, pressure of the air compressor should at least reach to 1.2-1.4 MPA to achieve perfect cutting result (only suitable for maximum 1.5 mm metals).

2.Refrigeration dryer and water removal device should be installed in the outlet of air compressor.

3.Gases in the tube must be let out before turning off the fiber laser metal cutting machine, to prevent the tube from cracking.

4.Remove the water from compressor and refrigeration dryer once a day.

5.Water temperature should be set as 25-30 Celsius degree during cutting process. Purified water mixed with 30% amount of ethanol should be used in summer and in winter purified water mixed with 50% amount ethanol or only antifreeze should be used to help cut.

6.The right boot steps should be: main power, water-cooling machine, key switch, computer, laser generator (make sure the water-cooling machine has reached to the fixed temperature).

7.Add lubricating oil once in a week.

8.Gear oil and screw oil should be smeared evenly once in a month.

9.Protective glass should be cleaned with ethanol and swab before every use. It cannot be put into the laser head until it’s completely dry.

10.The laser head should get back to the origin after every use, and calibrate the height controller every day to ensure perfect cutting result.

11.Confirm the cutting parameters before start and check “Only Process the Selected Image” option to prevent accidents.

12.Check “Software Limitation” option to keep safety.

13.Check the whether the size of the to-be-cut image is proper, and whether the two diagonals of rectangle have equal length.

14.Laser head should move along the frame before cutting and make sure the laser head works inside the material surface.

15.Hold the remote controller in hand during the whole cutting process, in which you can press the “Emergence Stop” button if emergency happens. Emergency has to be solved before restart.

16.You can press the “Pause” button during the cutting process to readjust machine parameters or check the cutting result. Then press the “Continue” button on computer screen to restart.


Post time: Jul-02-2019
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